The cruski (pronounced crussh-ki) peppers of Senise (Basilicata), probably arrived with the Spanish from the Antilles, are a source of pride for the cuisine of the region, a surprise for those who discover them, an essential confirmation for those who know them already. The peppers are harvested from July until September when they reach a deep red color. After harvesting, the peppers are strung into large garlands decorating the streets of city centers. After 30 days drying, they are ready to eat, so…

Just fry cruski peppers of Senise in extra virgin olive oil until the skin becomes deep brick red with a soft leather!

Take a few seconds in hot oil and enjoy the crunchy and the savoury of these excellent snack and appetizer.

Simple dish, simple flavor of simple people of Basilicata…simple way to get luck and live for a long time…

“A la scquagliata r’ la nev’ s’ scummoglijn’ li strunzl’” (dialect of Lucania)

“When the snow melts, it becomes water.”
Sooner or later the truth comes out.

“Au mal zappator, n’ sciuna zapp li piac’” (dialect of Lucania)

“To bad digger doesn’t like no hoe.”

This saying from Lucania alludes to the fact that the sluggard will not work in any conditions.

“Mazz e panell, fann i fegl’ bell.” (dialect of Lucania)

or “Spanking and sweets make the children grow!”

This saying from Lucania teaches us how education, even a strict one, is important to build our character.