endive, cruski peppers and chickpeas

Just endive, cruski peppers and chickpeas.

A wonderful and simple dish in Lucania. Economic recipe with simple ingredients but tasty and full-bodied, suitable for cold days!

Difficulty: low – Preparation time: 15 min – Cooking time: 25 min – Serves: 4 people – Cost: very low

Ingredients: 1 head of endive – 2 cruski peppers – 2/3 cup boiled chickpeas – 2 cloves of garlic – 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil – parsley – salt and pepper to taste

Preparation: In a large pot put garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Add the endive cut into large pieces. Cook for a 5 minutes, until it is wilted. Then add the chickpeas and cruski peppers finely chopped. A pinch of salt, pepper and a tablespoon of olive oil. Cook for at least 20 minutes. Now enjoy on toasted bread!

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