In Lucania the wedding night is a magical time and, at the same time, the riskier, and therefore more in need of protection.

The mathers in law prepare the nuptial bed by placing it under the pillow (or in the bedside) a diaper (it will prove the virginity of the bride) and some traditional means to fight the  (six wheat berries, a pinch of salt, scissors open and sickle).

In addition, the bed should not be “seen” (watched) by anyone, except by-mothers in law, again to avoid the evil eye.

When the couple retired to the bedroom, two men, one for the groom and one for the bride, keep watch outside the door, to prevent someone to disturb the first night, and that is to put before the door carrion animal or a plow.

The next morning, the mother-in-law of the bride knocks at the door of the bridal chamber: if the groom says to come in, it means that the marriage was consummated, but if the groom says to ‘come back later’, then it is a bad sign, that there is a strong presumption that the outcome was not happy.

If all went well, the mothers-in-law enters the bridal chamber and inspect the diaper to see the signs of lost virginity.

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