In Basilicata the farmers are proud to grow horseradish, a root vegetable widely used as a spice in that country. Basilicata, in fact, is the home of horseradish, the soul of its rural culture, magical as its healing properties.

Despite being a root of a perennial, it is precisely during the period of Carnival and winter periods which is collected and used. The tipycal dish is Rafanata, a kind of omelette made with horseradish, potatoes, pecorino cheese and lard. It can includes sausage too. The Rafanata is a great combination of flavors, smells acrid and pungent, but really pleasant.

Difficulty: low – Preparation time: 15 min – Cooking time: 45 min – Serves: 6 people – Cost: very low

Ingredients: 8 medium eggs – 2 cups of potatoes boiled and mashed – 2/3 cups of Pecorino cheese – 3 tbsp horseradish – 2 tbsp of lard to grease the pan – a pinch of salt

Preparation: Boil the potatoes and pass. Decorticate horseradish with the help of a paring knife and grate. In a bowl beat the eggs with Pecorino cheese, then add the potatoes and horseradish; a pinch of salt and place in a baking dish, previously sprinkled with lard. The dough will not be liquid, but full-bodied. Put in oven and preheated to 200C° for about 45 minutes.

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