Colobraro is an Italian town of 1,300 inhabitants in Basilicata.

In neighboring countries, the town is also called, in superstitious way more than derogatory, “that town“, in dialect Lucan “Cudde puaise”.

This is because for the superstitious belief that the evocation of the name is bad luck. It has become urban legend before World War II. The Mayor, highly educated lawyer and well-known person, at the end of his statement, would have said something like: “If I do not tell the truth, it will fall this chandelier”. Apparently the chandelier would have fallen really, according to some killing people, according to others in a deserted room.

More likely, the sinister reputation of the country is derived from the belief, especially the inhabitants of the neighboring countries, in the magical arts of some women who lived there in the last century, including the famous “Cattre“, as ” Maddalena La Rocca“, a “Masciara“, ie a local magician.


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