Acquasala (Baked bread)

Acquasala is a typical recipe in Lucania, one of the poorest ever, which generally also constituted a main dish. As many poor dishes, also the baked bread provides different variants, depending on the season, and therefore the availability of certain ingredients.

Difficulty: very low  –  Preparation time: 5 min  –  Cooking time: 10 min  –   Serves: 4 people  –  Cost: very low

Ingredients: 4 slices of stale bread, 4 eggs, 1 onion, 2 red hot chili, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, salt to taste

Preparation: generally, it is a soup that is prepared by frying in extra virgin olive oil two ingredients: onions chopped and chili fresh spicy. It then adds water and is brought to a boil, reinforcing the soup with eggs (which are added to the boiling water and stir carefully). This is then poured over sliced bread (better if toasted on the grill). Baked bread can also be prepared by frying in oil (instead of or in addition to onions) alsoleeks, turnips, peppers, potatoes, and it is not uncommon to see him prepare without the egg added.

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