Gnummaridd are a typical food specialties in Lucania and in the south of Italy. They are roills made from entrails of lamb or kid in the gut. Are also known, according to the place of origin, as nghiemeridde, turcinelli, turcinieddi, m’miglíatidd, mboti, marretti, mazzacorde or mbujacati. The name refers to the shape of the product and comes from the Latin “glomus, Glomeris” from which the ancient “gnomerru” ie ball.

Descrizione: Gnummaridd consist entrails of lamb or suckling kid (liver, lung and kidney) destination within their own casings, along with leaves of parsley and wild fennel seeds. The entrails are cut into small pieces and mix with the other ingredients. The intestine is prepared with several washes in salt water or lemon water and left to dry for a few hours. It is then trimmed in longitudinal strips of about 5 cm, then filled with the preparation of entrails and wrapped with strips of sausage casings for retaining the filling, forming the characteristic cylindrical shape.

Origin: In Lucania tradition in breeding of sheep is back thousands of years, linked to the tradition Greek and Mesopotamia. Gnummaridd represent the topical element of this bond.

Preparation: Gnummaridd are mainly cooked on the grill, with bay leaves or branches of olive and foliage of trees, obtained as a result of pruning, which is then dried and stored in bales for several months.

Today Gnummaridd represent a typical dish much sought after. In Lucania remain a traditional dish enjoyed mainly in the home kitchen. In many of the typical festivals of Lucania this particular street food occupies a prominent place among the grids and collecting appreciation among tourists.

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