MonachicchioAccording to tradition of Lucania, in all the villages there is the spirit of a dead child before receiving baptism. Its name is Monachicchio.

A spirit of noble aspect, handsome face, wearing a red hat, red color, “u cuppulicchii”. He appeared mostly to children like him, and they spent a lot of time playing, laughing and chasing each other. Who could take off “u cuppulicchii”, he began to collect gold coins that profusely fell to the ground with a characteristic rattling. The elf, unlike the evil spirits, appeared to the children during the day and at night. His presence never bothered, or rather was pleased because it appeared in the guise of an elf and was, therefore, very lively, playful and playful. His favorite jokes were: remove the covers from the bed, tickling feet and whispering sweet words in the ears of the little girls. To these, especially if they were plump, she licked her cheeks gently. Many times he rested like a nightmare on the person’s body, or moth whilst visiting the bed to lift the pillow from his head and blow into the sleeping ears. Often it enjoyed during the night, to tie the hairs of the tail of donkeys and mules and the mane of the horse, under whose belly was found at dawn, when the peasants rose from the bed. In the morning, while the owners of the animals were busy melting of nodes, a gnome watched amused the patient work and laughed out loud if they could not untie them. Then, entirely happy, clapping his hands, disappeared into his fantasy world where he lived in a cave full of treasures.

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