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Pantano of Pignola “Red Drafted Bean” has its natural habitat in a large natural amphitheater formed by the mountains of Maddalena, near the Lake of Pantano of Pignola, in the middle of a WWF Oasis, a few kilometres from Potenza. Imported from America by the Spaniards, has quickly become a fundamental support of peasant families of Lucania. Today Pantano of Pignola “Red Drafted Bean” is a very valuable and well known for its delicacy and its versatility in the kitchen. It’s in the land and culture of Lucania that this bean has its real strength.


Pantano of Pignola “Red Drafted Bean” is cultivated in Pignola and Abriola municipalities, altitude over 600 meters above sea level, with temperatures never exceeding 30° C. The 15 producers, still family run small vegetable gardens, are now joined in a growers association, with its own production protocol and a brand that identifies the authentic red beans. Cultivating this legume requires much work, care and attention and is now very rare. It’s just a passion because young people gradually abandoned the countryside and went to work in the cities. Pantano of Pignola “Red Drafted Bean” has not a real market. You can buy it directly from the producers.



The climbing plant produces a round, ovoid seed, beige in color with the dark red streaks that give the name of Pantano of Pignola “Red Drafted Bean”. The harvest runs from around the first week of September. It is very rich in fiber, iron and other trace elements, B vitamins and contains proteins of good quality.



The Lucanian cuisine, in a still uncontaminated context of ancient perfumes, culture and nature. It is more and more appreciated by the foreign tourists, from each part of Europe and of the world what they discover this little hidden hospitality casket. A blessing for health are Pasta e fagioli (home made pasta with beans), Passata di fagioli con i peperoni cruschi (beans puree with dried peppers), Luganighe e fagioli (lucan sausage with beans), Strascinati e fagioli (another home made pasta with beans), Fagioli con le cotiche (beans with pork rind), Fagioli in pignatta (beans in pot) and many other ancient and healthful recipes. Their very tender skin means that the beans are suited for use in for appetizers and side dishes.

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