Lucania or Basilicata is a beautiful region in southern Italy, thoroughly embraced by other wonderful lands of Puglia, Calabria and Campania.
It is an archaic land, unique in its kind in Italy, which jealously guards landscapes with all its colours, its flavours and its ancient flavours.
Visit Lucania gives the visitor unforgettable sensations.
The purpose of Ancient Flavors is just that: try to convey to readers these emotions through the discovery of its ancient traditions and its more delicious recipes.
The food of a land should not be just eaten! It should be savored slowly in front of a fireplace or at a table, with the family or friends and slowly mixed with the traditions and legends that bind that dish. Try a new recipe is not only a change in the menu, instead is a real cultural and gastronomic experience that gives harmony and wisdom, a real pleasure of life!

Lucania is a land of magnificent forests, a spectacular landscape with a pure air and where you can eat genuinely all year.
The mountains encompass its small villages that bear witness to a long history, from the Magna Greece to the Roman Empire, from Pythagoras to Quintus Horatius Flaccus to satisfy every desire of knowledge.
It is washed by two seas, the Ionian and Tyrrhenian coasts offer amazing landscapes and pristine blue waters and with many shades and beaches of pebbles or fine golden sand surrounded by scents of wild lilies, eucalyptus and lush pine forests.

Potenza, major site of Lucania, is a city of ancient origins become, next, Prefecture of Rome.
Matera, instead, is the City of Sassi, a unique and fascinating place, now UNESCO World Heritage site, with its hundreds of churches and a network of caves dug by its ancient inhabitants for their homes and shelter for animals. A unique example of archaic peasant civilization that appalled consciences for beauty and for the feelings that leaves the visitor. Matera was the setting for scenes of hit films last Mel Gibson’s “The Passion” and today is preparing for an important world event: is the European Capital of Culture (Matera 2019), a prestigious Italian goal.

Lucania, due to its location, always on the edge of the great roads, is a land where traditions and customs still survive whose origin is lost in the mists of time.
Anciet Flavors will lead you to discover these cultural and gastronomic traditions related to the life of a population that has been able to keep a healthy and natural life. A precious world cultural heritage, which is still transmitted to new generations.

The gastronomy of Lucania is entirely based on local products skillfully combined according to ancient traditions and customs.
Ancient Flavors task is to slowly reveal these secrets.
The protagonist is the durum wheat semolina pasta, handmade by lucan housewives whose techniques are passed down to their daughters even today.
Lucan women kneading still bread at home with the addition of local potatoes that give the “panelle” (up to 3 kg) smoothness and flavor.
Respecting the original tradition, widely used is the lamb and pork, from the gut to the stew.
The use of the brace is very important.
Sausages and cheeses, also represent the cutting edge of unspoiled and simple cuisine scents and flavors.
Queens of lucan gastronomy are vegetables and legumes, in many antique plates.

We begin this journey together in the beautiful Lucania!

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